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What is tumblr.est?

Tumblr is a great blogging platform. Seriously, it is. Go check it out if you haven't already.

Tons of amazing people blog amazing things every day, and you can spend hours at a time scrolling through your dash as you see them. However, tumblr searching kind of sucks. That's where tumblr.est comes in!

So what's wrong with tumblr search?

  • Impossible to search for more than one search term at a time
    • Search terms may be too broad
    • I want to see more than one term at a time!
    • Anything entered into that little box is pretty literal
  • Search is completely based off of tags
    • It's very possible people write important keywords in the body of their posts, titles, etc. Tumblr isn't looking at these, and for good reason, since it'd take too long. But once you start refining your searches, finding them shouldn't be too bad.
    • This adds the ability to look up more relevant posts to you and your interests.
  • Your own blog post search sucks too
    • Seriously
    • Try searching for something not in a tag!


I use tumblr all the time, and am constantly switching tags I follow. Why not look at them all in one place? Yeah, there are a bunch of people who complain about it. And some people have even tried to make it easier to search your own blog posts, but still there hasn't been a site-wide improvement. Try out tumblr.est and see if you like it!

Made with love by Oscar over a weekend at XHack 2012